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Walter Boys Whitetail Hunt

All private land hunts are conducted on 20,000 acres along the majestic and famous Rocky Mountain Front at Augusta, Montana. The ranch has archery zones where no rifle hunting is allowed in any season. This is an excellent chance to take a trophy whitetail or mule deer with a bow. These archery areas are open during archery season (September) and general season (October-November). In September-October, archers can take a trophy whitetail because the bucks are relaxed and have distinct feeding and watering patterns near the barley and alfalfa fields. To ensure better trophies in the future, we have changed our deer harvesting requirements as follows: both archery and rifle deer must be a 4 x 4 and score over 125 points Boone & Crockett. A $500 fee will be assessed to the hunter for shooting an immature deer. This will hopefully enable us to meet our goal for all hunters to harvest a 150 point Boone & Crockett whitetail trophy! During the 2 week rut period, (mid-November to the end of November) we accommodate both archery and rifle hunters.

We have two historic, rustic cabins, with electricity near the lodge. There is an outhouse nearby. A specifically designed area in the lodge has a kitchen, living room, two big bedrooms utility room, and two inside baths for the hunters use. There are 3 restaurants in our unique little western town of Augusta (1 mile away) that give you a flavor of the local history and people. It is very convenient for the hunters to be able to eat around their own hunting schedule.  Meals are not included in the hunt,  however we welcome you to eat a home cooked meal a couple times for supper during the hunt.  There is also a small grocery, the Allen’s Manix (General Store)  in Augusta.

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Available, in Augusta, are professional taxidermists and meat cutters for your convenience. It is the hunters responsibility to have the meat processed. If you do not take the meat home with you, we will give it away to a needy family or food pantry after you have paid to have the meat processed.

A non-resident Big Game Elk/Deer Combination-General license for $1,083.5, which includes elk, deer, fish and waterfowl.  Please make sure it says Big Game, because an Elk Only Combination tag does not include a deer.   There is a Deer Only Combination-General License of $649.50, which includes a deer and waterfowl license. You must purchase the BONUS POINT! Which is $52 and increases your odds of getting a license.     All licensing applications are done on-line between March 1st -March 31st.  Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has a very informative website on licensing, hunting seasons etc..  That web site is www.fwp.mt.gov/hunting/licenses or (406) 444-2950

A $1500 deposit is required from each hunter to secure your hunt.  We accept  cash, check , Visa, and Venmo.   Please make checks out to MARK YOUNG OUTFITTERS LLC, with the remaining balance due upon arrival. After we receive your deposit, you will need to get your license on-line before March 31st.

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Add Antelope for $750

Add Antelope for $750





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