The Flying Shit House Ranch has been a working cattle ranch on the Rocky Mountain front, in Montana, for 90 years. Our grandfather purchased the first ranch in the depression years. It was on that ranch that the brand Flying Shit House first originated (used to hot brand our cattle). In those early years, this was mule deer country. In the 1970’s before we noticed the whitetail moving in and now we have a large whitetail population.

We run Angus cattle on a cow/calf operation and grow barley and alfalfa.  During the fall hunting season, the guests witness the working and shipping end of the cattle operation and harvest.

Augusta is a very unique, small western cattle town with a population of 300 people. Along a two-block main- street at the foot of the Rocky Mountain Front sits 4 bars, 3 stores, 3 churches, 1 hotel, 1 motel, and a post office.

The Flying Shit House Ranch headquarters and Lodge is one-mile from main street, but yet in the country! We are all thankful God put us in this beautiful setting and hope you will come visit us!